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Here’s a biography I wrote about myself when I was 12…

Biography aged 12

To be totally honest, I still love a bit of the My Girl soundtrack, and SURELY I’m not the only one who still knows Wigfield’s Saturday Night dance routine?  No, thought not.  But here’s a few updated details…

Favourite books:  ALL the books!  My favourite books are usually my favourites because they were exactly what I needed to enjoy at the time, be it because they travelled with me across South America, curled up with me in a Canadian cabin, or lit up my drudgy bus ride to work during the darkest winter months.  So my favourite books list is always growing, but some that stand out include A Christmas Carol, Big Sexy Love, Yes Please, Eat Pray Love, Sense & Sensibility and anything by Ms Belinda Jones.  So there.
Favourite songs:  Every single song from the ’90s.
Favourite movies:  Old classics are the best on rainy Sundays, like Some Like It Hot and It’s A Wonderful Life, but current(ish) faves are Bridesmaids, Pitch Perfect
Favourite actresses:  Kristen Wiig (loooooove), Jennifer Aniston (loooooove)
Favourite singers:  BEYONCE because I love her and she is Queen of Everything and if she were in Game of Thrones it would have only lasted one episode.  Game, set, match.
Favourite TV programmes:  Friends (always will be)

Here’s a little more background, if you’re interested…

1983 – born in Devon at a very early age (shut up, that joke never gets old.  And for the record, neither does ‘What time is it?’ ‘Time you got a watch!’)
1987-1994 – Primary school, Button Moon watching
1994-2001 – Secondary school, wrote many copyright-infringing versions of Sweet Valley High and The Babysitters Club on a typewriter, fancied everyone
2002 – Buggered off to Australia for six months with my pal Ellie, high jinx galore, still bang on about it today
2002 – Returned, went to Uni in Wales, became a cheerleader, met a lovely chap called Phil
2004 – Went to live in San Francisco for the summer, worked in an Aquarium, became addicted to Apple Jacks and Half & Half milk
2005 – Graduated with a degree in media – hoorah!
2006 – Moved to London, started career in Publishing, very annoyed streets turned out to be not paved with gold, got additional part-time job teaching the world to ballroom and Latin dance, started wearing sequins a lot
2010 – Sacked it all in and went off travelling for a year with lovely chap Phil, ended in stonking engagement in New York City a week before Christmas
2011 – Moved back to Devon, rejoined the world of publishing with a shimmy and a high-kick, got hitched to lovely chap Phil
2013 – Got my first book published (Twelve Dates), signed with lovely literary agent, got a blog, wrote a profile, ate some jaffa cakes

What else do you need to know?  I love jumping photos.  I hate the word ‘chutney’.  I think that’s everything.

ps: What do you mean, WHO’S LET LOOSE??

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