Lisa Dickenson

Weekend Blitz

A round-up of the best things about the past week

Best Delivery

Flowers and Champers from Mum and Dad for publication day!

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Best Achievement

Completing the Men’s Health Survival of the Fittest course around Battersea.  It was HARD.  More to come on that in another post…



Best Readers

I got some lovely reviews during the first week of publication for Twelve Dates, including these…

“This series of short books would make a perfect film as with the author’s superb writing there is no way it would be a flop, as for me the vividly strong characters with the very different personality’s really drew me into their lives”

“A very funny, very modern story that made me laugh out loud! This book is like Bridget Jones meets Sex and the City”

“I love Lisa’s style – she takes the ‘ouch’ aspects of relationships (e.g. men and women seeing things in different ways) and wraps them in this light, bright, bubbly and fun package – I was laughing out loud with tears stinging my eyes”

“It’s hard to believe that The Twelve Dates of Christmas is Lisa Dickenson’s debut book as the storyline flowed from the very first line. It was a fun read full of wit and comedic moments that will have you chuckling away as you read”

“I adored Claudia probably more than any other character in any other book!”


Best American Hauls

My friends know me and Husband Phil very well.  Firstly this week I received this from a work pal who’s just got back from three weeks in Orlando…

photo (1)

Then we received this stack of goodies, including vanilla coffee, pretzel M&Ms and already-eaten ice cream from our friends who we’ve been on several American holidays with…


They are all ACE!


Best Making Of

This.  It’s just LOVELY.


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