Lisa Dickenson

Weekend Blitz

A round-up of the best things about the past (two) week(s)

Best Valentines

Hello flowers and wine!

blog pics1


Best Calm After The Storm

Sidmouth seafront.

photo 5 (4)


Best Crepes

My lovely friend Alison took Emma and I to a yummy creperie in Brixton Village when we went to visit her. ¬†Mine had homemade butterscotch on, Emma’s had chocolate, and Alison’s had both!

photo 4


Best Surprise Sunshine

While drinking lattes and eating salted caramel brownies at Bertie & Boo cafe in Balham, out came a big warm sunshine that we hadn’t seen for weeks!

photo 3 (3)


Best Dance Evening

I saw Thriller with some girls from work, and now desperately desperately want to become a Michael Jackson-style dancer!

photo 2 (3)


Best Car Passengers

So big they nearly filled the car to the brim with fur.

photo 1 (3)


Best Catch-Up

I saw a whole bunch of lady friends for lunch and cake this weekend, and it was jolly fun.

photo 4 (4) - Copy

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