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The Festive Drinks of Twelve Dates (yum)

This post was first published on December 19th, 2014

Whether it’s a winter warmer or an end-of-year tipple, interesting festive drinks are essential and feature heavily in The Twelve Dates of Christmas.  Here are the top three, and some links to some yummy recipes so you can recreate your own.


The Gingerbread Latte

“She took a sip of her gingerbread latte, the spices and sweet smell igniting the memories of a thousand christmas moments: cooking with her mum, watching The Snowman with her dad, present shopping, tree decorating, light switch-ons, singing Band-Aid at full volume while trying to recreate these very drinks at home with Nick and Penny…”

Here’s a great recipe over on Dessert For Two for a homemade version.


(Sidenote: there’s also a lovely little piece on Novelicious about Twelve Dates and its gingerbread lattes!)


The Snowball Cocktail

“Claudia took a sip of her snowball, the thick vanilla flavour with the brandy hit oozing down her throat.  She watched the joyful crowd for a moment. Somewhere in there is my big secret.”

Here’s Nigella, giving you a lesson on making the perfect Snowball:


Mulled Wine

“They both took a sip and their eyes met. Claudia quickly shut hers and focused on the heady sensation of the hot wine hitting her tongue. The tang of orange and the mellowness of cinnamon and nutmeg smashed together, and Claudia let loose a blissful ‘Mmmm’.”

Here’s Jamie Oliver (Christmas King)’s recipe for delicious mulled wine:



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