Lisa Dickenson

Shiny shiny, new new

Look at my sparkling new website!  Admire its turquoise tinge, its luscious links, its mood boards, its chatter, its book news.  Please do step in, make yourself at home, have a cup of tea* and mosey about. 

On the home page you’ll find info on my new book, The Twelve Dates of Christmas, with links to preorder.  You’ll also find all my latest blog posts, and a photo of my great big face.

On the ‘Writing’ page you’ll see news about my latest book and some other scribings.

On the ‘Mood Boards’ page you’ll find a big old board of images to help you create the mood of The Twelve Dates of Christmas in your mind.

On the ‘Me’ page there’s a lovely example of typewriting from the olden days, before Windows ‘95 had even woken up.  There’s also some more stuff about me, if you’re interested, and a ‘90s music video.

The ‘Contact’ page is kind of self-explanatory.  But it’s still nice, and has a photo of me leaping to my death in Los Angeles.  FINE.  I’m just jumping off a bench.

I’m a newbie at this, so there’s not all that much to look through right now, but it’ll keep growing, I promise, so please keep coming back and visiting, and having another cup of tea*.

And who do I have to thank for this lovely lovely lovely new website?  These dudes:

T3D – Your digital agency

T3D are a digital agency (web design, development, branding ‘n’ stuff) run by the three most smashing people you could ever meet.  You can see their pretty faces and read about them here or follow them on Twitter here (Liam), here (Kath) or here (Phil).

Hooray for them!  So if you want a new website too, or just a chat or cup of tea*, get in touch with them.  Did I mention how lovely they are?


*tea not provided.  This is the internet, remember?

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