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I’m honoured to share some lovely reviews that The Twelve Dates of Christmas has received so far.  

Very very grateful to everyone that’s read and enjoyed my silly little book so far!


From Amazon:

“I am LOVING The Twelve Dates of Christmas. It’s romantic women’s fiction, but it’s not really fluffy – and it’s HILARIOUSLY funny. I love the main character Claudia – I think a whole series of novels could be written about her!”

“Extremely well written and very very funny! Lisa Dickenson is a talented author and is definitely on my favourites list.”

“I thought this was a really funny, brilliantly written and entertaining story.”

“A very funny, very modern story that made me laugh out loud! This book is like Bridget Jones meets Sex and the City – I can’t wait for three and four.”

“It was absolutely hilarious. Lisa has a real passion for writing which comes across on the pages. I couldn’t stop laughing. All the books are superb in their own little way and I absolutely loved it.”

“The 12 Dates of Christmas is an absolute treat. The opening date is hilarious yet poignant and the cast of Claudia’s supporting friends and family is brilliantly painted.”

“Just from the first couple of pages you can feel Claudia’s personality shining through and I’m pretty sure most people can relate to her situation having experienced it at some point in their life! Will be rooting for her all the way. Now, where’s that gingerbread latte…?!”

“A festive corker, great for getting into the spirit of Christmas. I’m loving the romance of releasing the story in parts, too. It’s a bit like an advent calendar!”

“This series of short books would make a perfect film as with the author’s superb writing there is no way it would be a flop, as for me the vividly strong characters with the very different personality’s really drew me into their lives and with the constant action through the first installment I know we are in for a lot more action within the pages of this brilliant series … I am happy to recommend to any reader who likes their chick lit with a bit of substance between their pages.”

“… if you love books written by Sophie Kinsella or Lucy Colgan, Twelve Dates is for you.  Loved the characters, the charm, the hilarious ‘event’ in the toilet cubicles at the Ballet and cannot wait for the next two chapters next week!”

“A very funny, very modern story that made me laugh out loud! This book is like Bridget Jones meets Sex and the City – I can’t wait for three and four.”

“I love Lisa’s style – she takes the ‘ouch’ aspects of relationships (e.g. men and women seeing things in different ways) and wraps them in this light, bright, bubbly and fun package – I was laughing out loud with tears stinging my eyes – a perfect treat – I can’t wait to unwrap the layers of this week by week with the spine-tingling anticipation of a sparkly surprise each time!”

“Well what can I say, after waiting for weeks in anticipation for the first installment I have not been disappointed. It has lived up to expectations, for anyone who has been in Claudia’s position, it could not be more honest.”


From Bloggers:

“It’s hard to believe that The Twelve Dates of Christmas is Lisa Dickenson’s debut book as the storyline flowed from the very first line. It was a fun read full of wit and comedic moments that will have you chuckling away as you read… reading about the journey home on the tube had me in stitches at the poor expense of Claudia.” – Sharon, of Shaz’s Book Boudoir

“I absolutely loved this!! I laughed so hard that people were staring at me! I cried, I got a little hot under the collar (Lisa is great at writing sexxy scenes!!!) and then I laughed some more. I adored Claudia probably more than any other character in any other book! I really want her to be my best friend!! She’s sweet, loyal, kind, sensitive and hilarious!! I loved Penny too, she and Claudia are a force to be reckoned with, I think! And Nick… What can I say?? Dreamy, deeelish and perfect? Ya, that will do it… I want one….  The biggest, most sparkly, snow dusted 5/5!!!!!” – Trish, of Tishylou’s World

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