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Publication Day! (Dates 1&2)

So.  Today has been a whirlwind of excitement and festivities!  The first part of my six-part ebook ‘The Twelve Dates of Christmas’ came out today, which means it was my first ever Publication Day, which means I have been drunk from dusk til dawn!

No, that’s not true, because I’ve been working from home.  But I did get a lovely delivery this morning from my brilliant Mum and Dad who sent flowers and Champagne!  Woo-hoo!

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I phoned to say thanks and Dad said “I’ve just started reading this book of yours… there’s rather a lot of willies!”  For the record, there’s not many at all, just one which is mentioned somewhat often!

Then it was lunchbreak time, so lovely Husband Phil took me to a local pub in Sidmouth and we had some yummy food and the nicest mulled wine I’ve ever had!  The perfect way to celebrate a yuletide novel, yes?


The lovely Sharon and Sarah had me on their blogs today, for a debut author spotlight, and a Q&A.

Shaz's Book Blog- Debut Spotlight- Lisa Dickenson  Just One Girl And Her Books.- Author Interview - Lisa Dickenson

And throughout the day, everyone has been amazingly supportive and lovely, wishing me luck, sharing the Amazon link, retweeting, favouriting, and generally warming my heart like a gingerbread latte.  Thanks so much everyone!!

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L xx


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