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Merlot Blog Tour Round-Up #10

The You Had Me at Merlot blog tour is PRETTY EPIC.  So I want to send a big fat thanks to the following lovely lovely bloggers, who I wouldn’t be able to pour You Had Me at Merlot out into the world without.  It’s spanning over several posts, and here’s the latest installment…


Tishylou’s World

On publication day of Part 4 of You Had Me at Merlot off I shimmied to the lovely Trish’s website, Tishylou’s World.  Trish was a big supporter of 12 Dates, so I was muchas excited to see what she thought of Merlot.  And she liked it so much she slapped another 10/10 review on it!  Thank yooooou Trish, you awesome Canadian!  xx

“I just love it! Made me snort iced tea! I don’t think I have ever laughed so hard at a book, except maybe Lisa’s Twelve Dates of Christmas. Just genius and so fun, because it’s real!”


Laura’s Little Book Blog

Next stop was with Lovely-Haired Laura on her pretty website, Laura’s Little Book Blog.  A humongous thanks to Laura for her fab review of Merlot, she is truly a star… 😉

“Lisa always manages to quickly draw you in to a story and I find that I finish the story really quickly because of this. The characters are also really well developed and have their very own very unique personalities and it made it easier to picture them”


Lost in Chick Lit

Hola Barcelona!  It was then off to see the beautiful Alba in Spain for her Lost in Chick Lit blog.  I looooove Alba, and when Merlot comes out in Spain next year I might just have to go over there and promote it purely as an excuse to hang out with her.  Thank you Alba for your lovely review!

“All in all, You Had Me at Merlot is the perfect summer read: hilarious and heart-warming. It has this feel-good sparkle than will have you turning page after page and will leave you with a huge smile in your face … Lisa is one of the funniest and wittiest writers you can find and I’m sure big things are coming her way.” 


More to come…

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