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Blog Tour: Round 2

OH MY GIDDY AUNT, THE FIRST PART OF MY NOVEL IS OUT.  This is basically the scariest thing in the world.  But to help kick off Publication Day number 1 I’ve been shlupping virtual cups of tea with some more brilliant bloggers this week, as part of my Blog Tour.


Day 5

Firstly, on Monday “Scary Publication Day” the 11th November, I was featured on the very generous Sharon’s Shaz’s Book Boudoir.  Firstly she popped me under the Debut Spotlight, and then later on also left Twelve Dates‘ first, and lovely, review.

Shaz's Book Blog- Debut Spotlight- Lisa Dickenson    Shaz's Book Blog- Books Read- Lisa Dickenson - The Twelve Dates of Christmas- Dates 1&2

“It’s hard to believe that The Twelve Dates of Christmas is Lisa Dickenson’s debut book as the storyline flowed from the very first line.  It was a fun read full of wit and comedic moments that will have you chuckling away as you read… reading about the journey home on the tube had me in stitches at the poor expense of Claudia.”
– Sharon, on Twelve Dates of Christmas


Then on the same day I tottered over to meet with Sarah on the Just One Girl And Her Books blog.  I’d firstly like to point out how cool Sarah is for making her Twitter photo the cover of Twelve Dates:

14-11-2013 08-48-34   How nice is she??

So we had a good natter on her blog about the writing process and some other stuff.  By the way, her blog has been revamped; you should check it out!

Just One Girl And Her Books.- Author Interview - Lisa Dickenson


Day 6

On Wednesday 13th November I hung out on the beautiful purple-hued website of Carol, Dizzy C’s Little Book Blog.  Carol has a huge following, so it was a big honour to be on her site, and she’s completely lovely as well.  We talked about ideal Christmassy dates among other things…

Dizzy C's Little Book Blog- Guest Author - Lisa Dickenson


Day 7

Next stop on the Beyonce Tour Bus was at my favourite Canadian’s blog, Trish’s Tishylou’s World.  Here I gave my Top 5 Christmas movies, the ones I will watch every year, come hell or high snow drifts.

Blog Tour Stop – My Top 5 Christmas Movies by Lisa Dickenson - Tishylou's World

Trish has been unbelievably supportive and brilliant throughout the whole process, and is avidly reading her way through a review copy of Twelve Dates.  She’ll be posting her review soon, but as a preview, she says: “I don’t like it. I BLOODY LOVE IT!!”


Next week

Next up on the Blog Tour are My Writing Room on Novelicious and my Flash Fiction Christmas piece on She Loves to Read, both on Saturday.  Then on Monday, release day for Dates 3&4, I’ll be back over on Shaz’s Book Blog for a Q&A.  See you there!


L xx

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