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Blog Tour: Round 1

Let’s get readyyyy to rhumblllllle…

So my blog tour kicked off this week with all the fanfare of a Katy Perry concert.  It’s been completely exciting and new and strange and brilliant to be featured on these amazing sites.


Day 1

On the 30th October, the lovely Novelicious welcomed me to the world with a ‘Novelicious Chats To… Lisa Dickenson’ feature.

Novelicious Chats To…Lisa Dickenson - - The Women's Fiction Blog for Readers and Writers

In here you’ll find me use the words ‘goodies’, ‘bucket’ and ‘scaredy-cat’.


Day 2

Shimmying into the 4th November I was very lucky to be interviewed by Sunday Times Bestseller, Miranda Dickinson (she’s currently at number 4 in the list with her latest novel, Take A Look At Me Now!)  How nice is she to give a brand new author a chance like that??

Coffee and Roses - Life as an Eternal Optimist- Writer Spotlight- Lisa Dickenson

Don’t worry, there are some good words in here too: ‘Real Housewives’, ‘grumpiness’ and ‘willies’.

Sidenote: her blog is so pretty!


Day 3

Then I muscled my way back onto Novelicious again on the 5th November, to preach to everyone about my top 5 writing tips… they really are very welcoming there…

Lisa Dickenson’s Top Five Writing Tips - - The Women's Fiction Blog for Readers and Writers

This includes the amazing tip ‘who cares exactly what minor gesticulations your characters are doing?‘ and other gems.


Day 4

Off I tangoed to The Love of a Good Book, where I really overstayed my welcome on the 7th November by splurting on a grand old amount in an interview AND did a piece for the LOVELY Kirsty’s ‘Inspiration Month’.

It’s a date, with Lisa Dickenson - The Love Of A Good Book    Feeling inspired with Lisa Dickenson - The Love Of A Good Book

You’ll never guess which words I used here… ‘gingerbread’ and ‘snogging’ appear in the interview, while ‘eavesdropping’ and ‘Haribo’ get a mention in the inspiration piece.  Good times.


Next week

The voyage continues next week, when I’ll be loitering about with Sarah, Carol, Trish, Laura and, like a bad smell or a needy girlfriend, I’ll be back badgering ladies of Novelicious.


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